January 12th, 2011

The New and Improved Lamar Odom

Posted by slammo in celebrity gossip, Lakers

Lamar Odom has always had a natural talent for basketball. Even before he came into the league, people went on about his potential. But he never lived up to the hype. He’s always been inconsistent and distracted. Last Summer, he really turned things around and became the anchor to the USA team. His great play continued this season. And if we’re to believe this article, Lakers fans have the Kardashians to thank.

“You know how things can just line up in life?” asked Odom. “I met Khloe at the perfect time. The stability she and her family bring me is why I’m at peace. I think I have gotten to a new point as a man, as a father, as a basketball player.”

“I just want Lamar to worry about basketball and to be as comfortable as he can be,” Kardashian said during a recent phone conversation. “Before me, he never had that luxury. Whether it’s buying face wash to paying our bills, that’s not his job, he doesn’t have to worry about it … I want to be there for him always and do everything he needs or wants.”

This could all be publicity for their new reality tv show. I hope it’s true though. Odom endured a lot in his life from losing his mom at a young age, dad was a heroin addict to his infant son’s death. It’s great to hear things are working out for a nice guy like him.


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