May 30th, 2008

The Machine Has No Regard For Your Point Spread

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Up by 5 points, the Laker’s Sasha ‘The Machine’ Vujacic launched a 3-pt shot that went in. No big deal right? Yes, it’s a big deal for many gamblers that put money on the Spurs to cover the +7.5 point spread. The Lakers covered theirs, winning by 8 points.

How did Sasha get his nickname ‘The Machine’?
Wikipedia has some answers…

It has been widely reported on television and media that Vujacic gave himself the nickname “The Machine”, which most recently has been stated on TNT’s coverage of the 2008 NBA Playoffs by commentators such as Marv Albert, Reggie Miller and Doug Collins. However, this is not the case. Members of the LA sports media, including TJ Simers of the LA Times, have tracked down the origin of the nickname to Joel Meyers and Stu Lantz.[8] In a March 2008 article in the Los Angeles Times, Simers stated:

“TRIED TO get to the bottom of who came up with the nickname Machine for the Lakers’ Sasha Vujacic. Checked with Lakers TV guy, Joel Meyers, who did a lot of hemming and hawing, well, more than usual. He said both he and his partner Stu Lantz came up with it together. Never took them for Siamese twins before. Apparently, neither did Lantz. “I came up with it,” Lantz said. “And then Joel ran with it. I used it once, and never again.” As for Vujacic, he said Machine is just fine with him, but then Ronny Turiaf interrupted to say Vujacic is also known as Alecsander. “That’s my first name,” Vujacic said, but he isn’t happy with it. But I like it, Alecsander the So-So, and before this season began, it certainly fit.”

Funny ‘The Machine’ clip produced by the guys at

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