July 16th, 2008

SportingNews’ Top 10 Most Overpaid NBA Players

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10. Mike Bibby – 13.9 pts. 6.0 asts. SALARY: $14,983,603

Ok, I know you’re saying, “He’s not that bad.” But he makes more money than Vince Carter and Lebron James per year on salary.

9. Shaquille O’neal – 13.6 pts. 9.1 rebs. SALARY: $21,000,000
Shaq is no longer “The Diesel”, ok. Shaq should not be making more than Kobe for his OK stats.

8. Kenyon Martin – 12.4 pts. 6.5 rebs. SALARY: $13,250,000

Kenyon, in New Jersey should’ve been making this money, but not now!

7. Jermaine O’neal – 13.6 pts. 6.7 rebs. SALARY: $19,728,000

His best years are over and it’s due to injuries. Sad Story, but he’s still making more than Tony Parker and Manu COMBINED!

6. Eddy Curry – 13.2 pts. 4.7 rebs. SALARY: $8,997,543

This is one of the busts on my list. He’s passing up Dwight Howard and Deron Williams on the “Bling” List.

5. Ben Wallace – 4.8 pts. 8.4 rebs. SALARY: $15,500,000

Former 2-time Defensive Player of the Year still making Defensive Player of the Year money. He should be making much for 5 points per game, I don’t care how much of a Defensive presence you are.

4. Stephon Marbury – 13.9 pts. 4.7 asts. SALARY: $19,012,500

He not only holds #4 on this list, but he also owns the “Worst Team Player” award. Congrats to You Steph!

3. Erik Dampier – 6.1 pts. 7.5 rebs. SALARY: $10,590,000

This is the guy who said he was the 2nd best center in the league….Hmm..

2. Kwame Brown – Do you need stats for this one? SALARY: $9,329,279

1. Raef Lafrentz – 1.7 pts. 1.7 rebs. SALARY: $12,440,787

BIGGEST JOKE IN THE NBA for this kind of money!! He makes more than Tony Parker, Deron Williams, Steve Nash, and many other superstars.

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