May 31st, 2011

Scottie Pippen is right about the Bulls

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Scottie Pippen is loving the attention right now. The recent Hall of Famer and Bulls ambassador made headlines for trolling Michael Jordan. Now he’s criticizing the team that signs his checks.
via ESPN

“They made Derrick work too hard for his offense. That’s why he ended up shooting 9-for-29 [in Game 5 on Thursday night and 42-for-120 for the series],” Scottie Pippen said. […]

“They hound [Rose] off the pick with two guys who are 6-9, so he has to make a pass,” Pippen told “And now you give it to a guy who can’t make a play. Derrick passes to Joakim, Joakim passes it back and now the shot clock is against him.

“How can you be efficient when you don’t even have to make the defense move or shift, because they’re not rotating to Joakim, they’re not doubling Boozer. You put a little traffic around Boozer, and he couldn’t hold on to the ball anyway. I don’t know if his toe was the cause of [some of his poor play], but it doesn’t explain bad hands. He didn’t perform.”

Unlike the LeBron > Jordan comment, he’s right about the Bulls. Boozer was useless and Noah can’t make a play. If only more ambassadors in the world kept it real like Pippen, the world would be a better place.

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