January 25th, 2011

Ron Artest x Lil B

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Ron Artest twittered this last week: @lilbthebasedgod we should calabo

For those unfamiliar with Lil B aka the Based God, it’s this guy

The man who brought you such classics as “I’m Paris Hilton,” “Wonton Soup,” “The Pretty Bitch is Back,” and “Meet Young Bitch.” And he compares himself to Aretha Franklin, Matlock, Mel Gibson, and of course Jesus. This collaboration needs to happen immediately. They can make a sequel to this song and talk about Kim Kardashian while Kris Humphries weep in the background.

For further proof of Lil B’s genius, check out his album covers. This might blow your mind but he’s actually quite popular and has gained a loyal following.

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  1. on February 1st, 2011 at 1:25 am

    […] Last week I mentioned Ron Artest’s desires to collaborate with rapper Lil B. Kevin Durant takes a different approach and calls him out. Lil B is the greatest troll rapper of all time. KD, you just got trolled. This should be the main event at All-Star weekend. Whoever scores up to 21 points win. KD should have a handicap and play with one hand and on one leg. He’ll still win. […]

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