June 10th, 2011

Oscar Robertson doesn’t think MJ is the greatest

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Oscar Robertson was asked what he thought about Pippen’s comments regarding LeBron as the greatest player ever.
via bleacher report

“I didn’t hear the comments. Let me tell you about what being great is. Ever hear of Elgin Baylor? Never mention his name, do we? Great basketball player. You know what you have today? Michael Jordan was a great player, but he won after Chicago got Pippen, Grant and those other players to go along with him, because for a while they couldn’t beat Detroit…

The media now has anointed Michael Jordan the greatest of all time. Is he greatest of all time? No, I don’t think he is.”

Oscar Robertson is on point. Jordan rose to popularity at a time when the media was becoming more ubiquitous in our lives. With the combination of Nike branding and mindless journalism, Jordan was anointed as the greatest. They completely ignore the fact that Stern changed NBA rules on hand checks to cater to Jordan. Detroit bad boys basketball could no longer exist and Jordan was freed up to dominate. Jordan is great but he’s not the greatest.

Robertson and his contemporaries are dinosaurs compared to Jordan era players. They will only get name dropped occasionally but will never get the respect they deserve.

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