February 1st, 2011

Mitch Kupchak sends warning

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There’s been one consistency for the Los Angeles Lakers this season: flat and lackluster plays. Mitch Kupchak responded to trades talk after the Lakers’ poor performance against Boston Celtics on Sunday.

“Regarding a trade, I may have to. I’m not saying that I’ve made calls today or I’ll make them tomorrow.”

“I try to be as objective as possible, but I’m concerned,” he said. “Our record is certainly OK. But we’ve lost a bunch of home games. We’ve lost a couple of big games at home and to me, those are red flags

Mitch doesn’t talk trades, he makes ’em happen. Remember the Jason Kidd to Lakers rumors? It was just that, rumors. Compare that with the Pau Gasol trade. This is to light the fire under players’ asses. Players are to blame especially for their poor defense. At the same time, Phil Jackson’s coaching habits stifles change. Steve Blake is under utilized in the triangle. Phil still doesn’t trust young players, Pau Gasol is feeling fatigue from heavy minutes logged at the beginning of the season. Lakers better get their act together soon because at this point they won’t get past the Spurs.

Players potentially on the block: Ron Artest, Shannon Brown, Andrew Bynum.

via Reuters

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