May 7th, 2008

LeBron’s Worst Night of His Career, 2-for-18 Shooting

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Last night in Boston was the setting for one of the ugliest playoff games in recent memory. 3 stars go on to combine 4 for 36 shooting. LeBron James had his worst night ever at 2 for 18. quickly points out that last night’s fiasco was LeBron’s worst of worst, followed by a 3-for-20 performance against the Sixers on March 18, 2005; a 2-for-13 night against the Clippers on December 3, 2003; and another 2-for-13 bungler on February 11, 2004. Note that those last two games happened during LeBron’s rookie year and none of them occurred during the playoffs.

Despite ‘Bron’s impotence on the court, the Cavs still had a chance to win, until this play.

I fully expect LeBron to bounce back. After all, he really can’t do worse than .111 percent shooting.

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