March 7th, 2011

Heat fail train keeps chugging along

Posted by slammo in Chris Bosh, Dwyane Wade, Funny, Heat, LeBron

The Heat got spanked on Friday by the Spurs and lost another close game to the Bulls on Sunday. Heat coach Erik Spoelstra told reporters some of his players cried after the game. Glorious.

LeBron James is a great athelete, without question. But he epitomizes the arrogance and self-entitlement plaguing players today. The big 2.5 talked about winning multiple championships even before playing a single game. Earlier this season, Bosh said he didn’t want to practice. The difference between Kobe Bryant and LeBron James is Kobe puts in work and studies the game. Even after 8 years, LeBron is still getting by on pure physicality. He still hasn’t worked on his jump shot. As a result, he’s been exposed for failing in clutch situations these past few games. With the game against the Bulls, LeBron shouldn’t have taken that shot when everyone on his team was open. LeBron is known to strong arm his coach and calling his own play so I wouldn’t doubt that it was his call.

As for Heat’s chances of winning it all this year or even reaching the finals, Tim Duncan sums it up best.

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