May 19th, 2008

Dwayne Wade Buys a Church For His Mother

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Dwayne Wade buys the church that helped turn his mother’s life around.

dwayne wade buys his mom a church

From the Chicago Sun Times:

Jolinda Wade began a new chapter in life.

After years of drug and alcohol abuse — and time in prison — Jolinda Wade opened the doors to her first church as co-pastor minister of the Temple of Praise on the South Side.

It’s a simple, unadorned chapel with fluorescent lighting, a plain white pulpit and no windows. Her son bought the building.

Wade turned her life around seven years ago when, after years of urging by her children, she got help and got clean. Along the way, she devoted her life to spreading the word of God, starting her first ministry while doing time in state prison.

She joked Sunday about her old life, pointing to her mother in the church audience.

“That woman over there — I used to tell her, ‘Don’t pray for me,'” Wade said. “Because if she prayed for me, the police came.”

When it was his turn to speak, Dwyane Wade said: “People says what I’ve done is miraculous. No, no, this is miraculous.”

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