March 9th, 2011

Chris Bosh is full of it

Posted by slammo in Chris Bosh, Heat

Chris Bosh went 3-11 from the field and only got 4 rebounds in 40 minutes of playing time. This is what he had to say.
via ESPN

“Was I effective today? It’s common sense. I think it’s evident. I just have to get it where I’m effective,” Bosh said of a lack of low-post touches, having spent much of this season as a prop for James and Wade. “I have to get it where big guys get it. Then, I feel I can start helping out this team more.

“I’m effective down in the low-post area. That’s where I need to start getting the ball. I need to be assertive and demanding.”

Bullshit excuse. Kevin Love spends as much time if not more on the perimeter. No one is asking him to rebound like Love or Joakim Noah. He should be getting 17-8 every night. Get some damn tip-ins and stop complaining.

And Bosh has never been an actual low post player. He’s always been a high post jump shooter his whole career. Miami is sorely missing Udonis Haslem.

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