February 25th, 2011

Celtics crying fest

Posted by slammo in Celtics

Kendrick Perkins was traded on Thursday along with four other Celtics in three different trades. Celtic fans are understandably upset and panicking about the remainder of the season. Fans watched Perkins as a player fresh out of High School grow to become the top low post defenders in the league and a champion. It’s rough on both sides to say good bye to eight years.

Danny Ainge

“We shed some tears today talking to Perk. It was tough. He’s a good kid.”

Kendrick Perkins

“There was a lot of crying, lot of hugging going on,” said Perkins. “And a lot of it was me.”

And Kevin Garnett showing his vulnerable side

Many forget that before KG and Ray Allen fell onto his lap, Ainge has always been a horrible GM. Celtics fans know who to blame if they don’t reach the Finals.

Someone’s gotta interview Shaq about Nate’s departure. The most incredible duo this league has ever seen didn’t last a season. Ainge robbed us all.

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