January 27th, 2009

The NBA Reflects on Barack Obama

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NBA players and legends discuss America’s 44th President.

November 20th, 2008

Shaq is on Twitter! Good Times!!

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Shaq has been religiously using the popular online service for a few days now. He’s hooked, writing almost 1 tweet per hour. In case you did not know, Twitter is a free social messaging utility that allows people to connect with others in real-time. This service is perfect for Shaq who likes to speak his mind and is an instant quote machine.

Check out some of his twitter messages:
“I need help subway or schlotsskys for lunch, big game tonite”

“Why does shane battier always were that golf masters jacket on the bench, lol”

“Question were is dikembe mutumbo??

“Stuart scott from espn said greg oden looks 42 , lol dats funny”

“At the barber shop, gotta b sexy for the game tomorro. Us supermodels always have to stay fine, lol”

“I just texted gary payton, one of the greatest point guards ever”

“This is straight from the shaqs mouth I love phil jackson Kobe bryant is the best palyer in the game And the shaq kobe, kobe shaq was the best one two punch”

You can check out Shaq’s page by clicking here:

November 17th, 2008

Shaq’s Hard Foul on Detroit’s Rodney Stuckey

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From Shaq’s own words.
“The law of physics states that a body in motion stays in motion,” O’Neal said. “And if you have two objects that meet in the air, the smaller object is going to fall much harder at the same rate of speed it was going. I’ve never been the type of player to take anyone out. I was going for the ball.”

November 14th, 2008

Aaron Brooks’ Reaction to the Rockets/Suns near Melee

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Aaron Brooks (isn’t he an NFL player?) gets interviewed by TV reporters. Good call for not wanting to get pricked by the Big Shaqtus

check a few posts down if you have not seen the brawl.

November 13th, 2008

Matt Barnes Cheap Shot on Rafer Alston

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Best part was Shaq pushing the whole Rockets team down the floor. Well not the whole team but the big guns Yao and T-Mac.

October 9th, 2008

Shaq On The Suns, His Legacy And Kobe Bryant

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Shaquille O’Neal sits down with Colleen Dominguez of ESPN

September 26th, 2007

Shaunie Does the Hack-A-Shaq

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Shaq Backstabbed

Shaquille O’Neal’s divorce plans from wife Shaunie Nelson is getting uglier by the minute with rumors of Shaunie fooling around with one of his personal trainers.

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