March 1st, 2011

LeBron James levelled up his crab dribble

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Amazing display of LeBrickness. The sheer arrogance and entitlement is through the stratosphere. And of course, he couldn’t believe he gets called for travelling.

February 21st, 2011

Kobe Bryant is still on top

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The game is best summarized into this clip. Kobe Bryant, the old man in the all-star bunch, triumphs over LeBron James who’s taking this exhibition game way too seriously. LeBron is still bitter he didn’t win All-Star MVP last year.

February 18th, 2011

Chris Rock on LeBron James

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In a recent interview with Esquire, Chris Rock explains why LeBron James left.

SCOTT RAAB: I’m writing a book about LeBron. I’m a Cleveland guy. I’m mad at him.

CHRIS ROCK: I don’t even see what the big story is. The owner’s an idiot. Why is the owner an idiot? I said it on television — you can look it up. I was at a Lakers game — they were probably playing the Knicks. It was on TNT, and Kenny and Mark Jackson and whoever interviewed me on the sidelines, they asked me about LeBron. I said, “They should trade him.” I said it, on national television.

SR: We thought he was coming back, Chris.

CR: I said you should trade him. I said any owner, any big-ego owner would take this shot. You could’ve got any player — you literally could’ve got Kobe Bryant. You could’ve got any player you wanted. You could’ve gotten literally any player outside of Kevin Durant and Dwight Howard. Any player. You could’ve got any two or three players you liked. I said this on national television. You could look it up — you’re a writer.

I said that in the middle of the season. The day the season was over, I was doing press for Grown Ups, the movie I did with Sandler. They asked me again: “Where’s LeBron going? What’s going to happen?” I said, “Well, if he’s going to Cleveland, you will know within 24 hours, but if Pat Riley gets him in a room, it’s all over.”

SR: We thought he was coming back.

CR: Why would you think he’s coming back? People move from Cleveland to Miami every f—ing day. They don’t move from Miami to Cleveland.

SR: Because of his mother. Because of Gloria.

CR: Well, guess where his mother’s living right now. In f—ing Miami. I saw that coming a mile away. Are you kidding me? He’s not signing his extension? Trade him right now.

SR: He signed for the three years. They all did — he and Bosh and Wade.

CR: He didn’t realize it? He’s an idiot — the owner’s an idiot. You’re in Cleveland, dude….

SR: I’ve been down there three times — I get the part about, it’s beautiful, the women are unbelievable.

CR: It’s Miami. Dude, they’re on the fucking beach right now.

SR: He tweeted that he was up watching Poetic Justice this morning.

CR: Dude, they’re on the beach right now, in fucking sandals. And by the way, most people from Cleveland would do the exact same thing — would move to Miami at the drop — dude, I’m 45, I’m tired of the fucking winter.

There you have it. It’s not about winning multiple championships. It’s about beautiful beaches and beautiful women. LeBron wanted to live out HBO’s Entourage in Miami. Who could blame him. Well except Cleveland and folks in Ohio.

February 17th, 2011

2011 All-Star game shoes

The All-Star weekend is coming up this week. And what better to usher it in than showcasing colorful shoes that will only be worn at the All-star game. Above are the Nike Zoom Kobe VI in fiery red. Kobe’s and Lebron’s (below) Nike LeBron 8 V/2 have reflective material on the tongue, the logo morphs from each player’s logo to conference logo. The rest are Kevin Durant’s reddified Nike Zoom KD3, Derrick Rose’s all-yellow adidas adiZero Rose, and Kevin Garnett’s silvered-up Anta KG1. Rose’s shoe would look great with a Laker jersey.

February 17th, 2011

LeBron James’ dunk off his own backboard pass

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Almost better than the full court alley-oop. Almost. Nice defensive job by Roy Hibbert.

February 16th, 2011

Dwyane Wade Full Court Alley-Oop Pass to Lebron James

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This looks like something straight out of Hollywood. The ball is CGI! Sick sick play. Miami will be a problem once Dwayne Wade and Lebron James figure out how to play with each other.

February 14th, 2011

Rajon Rondo trolls for the win

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Rajon Rondo activated his Gollum defense against LeBron James on Sunday. It proved successful as LeBron shot 10-21 from the field. Pro-tip for the rest of the league, this is how you defend LeBron.

And it helps to continue trolling even during timeouts.

February 9th, 2011

Lebron James with follow up dunk after Wade gets blocked

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Amazing play. Even more amazing in slow mo. Everything’s better in slow mo. Except Zack Snyder movies.

February 2nd, 2011

LeBron James says the right thing

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It only took him six months, but LeBron finally said what any decent person would say in his situation. via Associated Press

“It didn’t matter for me if the Cavs were going to have a successful season or not,” James said. “I felt like I was making the right choice for me as an individual and for my career. Like I said, I have nothing bad to say about the players that I left and the team. I wish the organization the best. And I wish the fans, more than anything, the best because we had a lot of great years together.”

Maybe he cares after all. Or maybe it’s the backlash post-the Decision, backlash against his “what should I do?” nike commercial, backlash against his “I wouldn’t do things differently” after returning to Cleveland for the first time, and backlash against his twitter comment. I tip my top hat to LeBron, a true gentleman.

January 13th, 2011

LeBron the excuse machine

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Here we go again, LeBron backtracking from a stupid comment.

It wasn’t even a comment from me, it was someone who sent it to me and I sent it out. It wasn’t toward that team. It definitely wasn’t a good showing by that team last night, I know they wish they would’ve played better.

Some have claimed LeBron accepted the villian role. He’s still acting like the hero that’s been wronged. It would be infinitely more entertaining if he acted like a villain. He should bump his coach more often, talk trash to opponents, take games off against crappy teams, and say he’s taking Dan Gilbert’s wife to Disneyland.

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